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HP 3330MT


The HP Pro 3330 Business PCs have been designed as reliable and affordable commercial PCs with the features, services and programs most requested in a personal computer for business users.

Desktop – Features

laptopEveryday business platform

Required to perform every day, the HP Pro 3330 include proven PC modules and components designed to rigorous business PC standards.

laptopStable, thoughtful design

A cornerstone of HP business class PCs is a lengthy product lifecycle. When your deployments are scheduled over a lengthy period of time it’s good to know HP won’t be changing the product form factor before you’re ready.

laptopLegacy support

Integrated legacy device support includes PCI, PS/2 keyboard and mouse, up to 2 serial ports, parallel port, VGA and DVI-D video interfaces to ensure maximum protection of your existing technology investments.

laptopProven quality

The HP Pro 3330 is built with proven Intel® Core™ with standard Intel HD graphics

laptopFlexibility comes standard

Extra memory slots, PCI Express slots, bays and optional optical drives allow configuration to your specifications.

laptopProtect your business

HP ProtectTools 1 is a comprehensive security suite that offers you the flexibility to choose just the protection your business needs to help keep data, networks and communications protected from threats.



Desktop (Edge) – Features

laptopRapidBoot Performance

Lenovo’s exclusive RapidBoot HDD Accelerator dramatically reduces startup time by copying and compressing Windows boot files and reloading them to RAM.

laptopMulti-Display Support

ThinkCentre Edge 72 natively supports two independent displays – and permits up to four displays on models with discrete graphics.

laptopSystem Stability

Proprietary software ensures system stability, simplifies maintenance, makes it easier to recover data when necessary, and manages your passwords.

laptopHardware Security

The Kensington Lock port makes maintaining asset security a snap.

laptopEnhanced graphics

Enjoy rich screen resolution and vivid graphics – and view data across as many as four screens – with the optional AMD dual-port graphics card.

laptopView Management Utility

Multitask with ease and maximize your productivity with the ThinkCentre Edge 72’s View Management Utility. The VMU creates up to four partitions on a single display – it’s like using multiple monitors in one.